Garima Singh

🎓 Junior | 💻 Aspiring Software Developer | 📲Seeking Internships for CSE | Open-Source Mentor 💜 | DevRel 🌤️

# Hello, geeks! 👋

I am Garima Singh. I consider myself as a smart worker and determined team player. I am an experienced developer skilled in C++, Java, Android Development, Full Stack Development, Machine learning, MERN, Javascript and its frameworks.

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🌱 What do I do?

  • ✔️Along with it, I have strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Technology focused in Computer Science and engineering from National Institute of Technology, Patna.
  • ✔️I’m a fast learner looking for interesting career opportunities in Android and Web as a full-stack developer. I am awaiting a job with a decent salary and more importantly, a chance to build up my career and skills. I am looking for growth. Currently, I am looking for internships and research projects in the field of Computer science and engineering.
  • ✔️My activities are much beyond my stream of education. I am involved in a lot of organizational works in college related to clubs, fests and workshops and helped in building many communities from scratch. Apart from this, I love the marketing and stocks field. I am a keen observer and always inquisitive to learn new things. I fit beautifully to the environment and add to the diversity of the team and research has shown that diversity often makes for better, most successful teams.

⚡ One line that describes me best?

An ambitious girl who loves to cook fries, day dream at nights and sometime codes too.😉😉

👯 My other interests

I have a knack for writing too and write on my personal blog- Garima Codes or on Medium. I look forward to absorb knowledge🧠,gain experience👨‍🏭, collaborate🤝 and build amazing products 🏭for the world🌍!

📫 How to reach me?

If you would like to discuss these things, you can join me on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also ask me anything (within reason). My Github is here.

💬 Want to know more about me?

You can find me on- My personal portfolio and on Sourcerer.

Thank you for reading my blog posts. If you want to contact me, Please send me an email on